CS Washdown Bearing Seal

CS Centrifugal Seal (loss of lubricant solution)

The material of the CS seal encloses the shaft and rotates with the shaft perpendicularly against the stator ring. Since the lips are positioned vertically against the stator ring, centrifugal force pushes the dirt off the sealing lips away from the housing. The rotor ring can be moved eccentrically with respect to the stator ring. In this way, the CS centrifugal seal can absorb angular misalignments of the shaft without wearing out the rubber lip

The lubricant passes the retaining edge through the lubrication channels under the stator ring and between the two sealing lips and the stator ring. This ensures that any dirt is kept away from the interior of the housing. By fixing the rubber rotor ring around the shaft, the bearing can also be mounted on a shaft that has suffered slight surface damage.

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