• 1 forging press 3000 tons
  • 1 forging press 1500 tons
  • 1 forging press 900 tons
  • 3 rail manipulators
  • 3 free-color manipulators with a capacity of 5 to 26 tons
  • 9 reheating furnaces with a production capacity of 80/100 tons per day.

CMF S.p.A. maintains an extensive block warehouse with low and high alloyed, carbon, stainless steel (austenitic, ferritic, martensitic), Duplex/SuperDuplex, tool steel for hot and/or cold working (all vacuum degassed steel) in compliance with the European standards. CMF S.p.A. performs the heat treatment processes tempering and normalizing in their own production. All other heat treatment processes are carried out by powerful and reliable partners who are located in the vicinity of CMF S.p.A. .Machining is performed internally by CMF S.p.A. and also carried out and flanked here by powerful mechanical processing companies with additional capacity requirements.

News: CMF S.p.A. has had a new 3000 ton forging press since 2019.

CMF S.p.A.

Our forge master partner CMF S.p.A. is an Italian forge master from Cormons/Italy which covers a range of parts with a weight (rough forged) of up to 26 tons. Through a future-oriented and progressive investment policy, CMF S.p.A. through a “state-of-art” system and continuously modernizes its systems.

CMF S.p.A. can produce unit weights up to 26 tons and is also specializes in the production of small and medium-sized forgings.