New beating heart at CMF S.p.A – 3000 tons forging press!

CMF has had the new  beating heart! A 3000 ton press since the end of 2019. The equipment was adapted to the new possibilities. CMF S.p.A. is now able to produce forgings up to a weight of 20 tons.

Termination project Feichter FKD30 CNC

After successful operation, we ended the Feichter FKD30 CNC  project with the sale of the rotating carousel in 2019. We thank Kuppler GmbH for the excellent cooperation.

Project Feichter FKD 30 CNC

Projekt Feichter FKD 30 CNC is finnished and is ready for production at Kuppler GmbH.

New Partner CMF S.p.A.

We welcome our new Partner CMF S.p.A.

First buy

First buy of our Machine Feichter FKD 30 CNC. Ready for production at Kuppler GmbH since 2010.