SA Seal

SA seal

SA oil seals are designed with an asymmetrical lip angle as shown in the figure. The angle α between the shaft and the lip on the air side is smaller than the angle β on the lubricant side to prevent lubricant from leaking out of the system. When grease is used, the angle difference is less important and is often reversed to provide a better seal against outside contamination. We call this sealed version SA. Leaks are less of a concern here because of the grease consistency, which prevents excessive loss of lubricant. Hence, the main purpose of the grease seal is to keep contaminants out.

The SA seal is not suitable for applications where high hygiene is required, as the cavity in the lip can serve as a chamber for collecting dirt. Use our CC design for high hygienic applications. The AS seal, and to a lesser extent the SA seal, are not suitable for applications where there is a risk of contamination from abrasive materials. For this type of application, use our CS design.

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