EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Washdown Bearing Housing Unit

EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Housing Unit made of AISI 316

This 2-hole flange housing is designed for use in confined spaces and where a 2-hole application is available.

Many sealing options are possible. Each has different properties depending on the application. We would be happy to advise you on the best choice of the optimal seal for your application.

Why EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Housing?

EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Housings enable the incorporated bearings to achieve maximum service life with reduced maintenance requirements based on the housing material AISI 316 and the use of the right  seal based on the working enviroenment (Submerged, dirt, chemical, etc.)

Different seal designs are available, making the use of tailored housings virtually unnecessary and enabling cost-effective bearing arrangements.

Seal Solutions

Which  bearing I should use?

To bring a EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Housing  to its full performance you have to select the right bearing.

EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Housings can be equiped with all types of bearings based on following main criterias:

  • RPM (Revolution per minute) of the shaft
  • Working load
  • Virbrations (Yes/No)

EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Housings are independent from any bearing brand and can be equipped with bearing according to your requirements.

We can deliver the beariing in non lubricate condition so that you can use your type of lubricant.

Where EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Housings are used?

EXR – Compact 2-Bolt Flange Housings are used in environments which require a high performace according to corrosion and hygenic.

Industries like food, mining, metallurgy and  chemical have a need for high perfomance washdown bearings that ensure a production process without breakdown times because of failing bearings..

Available EXR housing sizes (shaft diameter):

(all housings are standardized)

  • EXF 35 (35 mm)
  • EXF 40 (40 mm)

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