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EBL – Split Pillow Block F316 (1.4404) Washdown Bearing Housing

A new generation of washdown bearing housings for corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance.

Washdown Housings

EBL – Split Pillow Block F316 (1.4404) Washdown Bearing Housing

The EBL Washdown Housing is the first split plummer block housing on the market with a solid housing body made of AISI F316 (1.4404) cast without cavities.

Designed for harsh environments
All Extreme Bearing Housings are specially designed for corrosive and/or abrasive environments.

The area of application of Extreme Bearing units starts where conventional housing units can no longer offer protection for the installed bearing.

Longer bearing service life
Extreme bearing housings make it possible for the installed bearing to achieve its maximum calculated technical service life for the respective application.

Washdown Housings

EBL – Split Pillow Block F316 (1.4404) Washdown Bearing Housing

The numerous configuration options (seals, lubricants) of the housing help to ensure stable and smooth operation of challenging sections within the production line.

Independence from bearing brands
Extreme bearing housings are compatible with every brand of bearing. Extreme Bearing Housings can be equipped with any bearing according to your preferences and technical requirements.

Washdown Housings

Split pillow block bearing exchange diagram

EBL 505SN 505SAF 505SNU 505SNA 505SNL 505SNH 505SNV 505SNN 505
EBL 506SN 506SAF 506SNU 506SNA 506SNL 506SNH 506SNV 506SNN 506
EBL 507SN 507SAF 507SNU 507SNA 507SNL 507SNH 507SNV 507SNN 507
EBL 508SN 508SAF 508SNU 508SNA 508SNL 508SNH 508SNV 508SNN 508
EBL 509SN 509SAF 509SNU 509SNA 509SNL 509SNH 509SNV 509SNN 509
EBL 510SN 510SAF 510SNU 510SNA 510SNL 510SNH 510SNV 510SNN 510
EBL 511SN 511SAF 511SNU 511SNA 511SNL 511SNH 511SNV 511SNN 511
EBL 512SN 512SAF 512SNU 512SNA 512SNL 512SNH 512SNV 512SNN 512
EBL 513SN 513SAF 513SNU 513SNA 513SNL 513SNH 513SNV 513SNN 513
EBL 514SN 514SAF 514SNU 514SNA 514SNL 514SNH 514SNV 514SNN 514
EBL 515SN 515SAF 515SNU 515SNA 515SNL 515SNH 515SNV 515SNN 515
EBL 516SN 516SAF 516SNU 516SNA 516SNL 516SNH 516SNV 516SNN 516
EBL 517SN 517SAF 517SNU 517SNA 517SNL 517SNH 517SNV 517SNN 517
EBL 518SN 518SAF 518SNU 518SNA 518SNL 518SNH 518SNV 518SNN 518
EBL 519SN 519SAF 519SNU 519SNA 519SNL 519SNH 519SNV 519SNN 519
EBL 520SN 520SAF 520SNU 520SNA 520SNL 520SNH 520SNV 520SNN 520
EBL 522SN 522SAF 522SNU 522SNA 522SNL 522SNH 522SNV 522SNN 522
EBL 524SN 524SAF 524SNU 524SNA 524SNL 524SNH 524SNV 524SNN 524
EBL 526SN 526SAF 526SNU 526SNA 526SNL 526SNH 526SNV 526SNN 526
EBL 528SN 528SAF 528SNU 528SNA 528SNL 528SNH 528SNV 528SNN 528
EBL 530SN 530SAF 530SNU 530SNA 530SNL 530SNH 530SNV 530SNN 530
EBL 532SN 532SAF 532SNU 532SNA 532SNL 532SNH 532SNV 532SNN 532

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